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Open Educational Resources/ Textbooks

A quick guide to places that offer high quality, peer reviewed, current and cutting edge Open Textbooks!

Find Open Textbooks at the UWinnipeg Library!

The University of Winnipeg Library, working with Campus Manitoba and BC Campus, provides access to over 300 academic textbooks authored by our colleagues. These textbooks are peer reviewed, free to use and adopt for your courses, and Canadian authored!

Follow the link below to see what has been added to the local collection so far:

You can find many more Open Textbooks in the OER databases listed on this site, or by using the OASIS search box below.

OER Meta Finder

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources are freely accessible texts (textbooks, course content, and more!) that are openly licensed, meaning they can be shared, updated, localized and used in a number of ways. They are peer reviewed, and written by experts in the subject areas - like standard textbooks - but unlike standard textbooks, they can be continually modified, remixed, and kept up to date. This benefits educators - who have increased flexibility in the materials they use for their courses - and students, who have access to excellent, current resources at no cost.

Part of the growing movement of 'Open', OER seeks to foster learning and innovation through use and re-use of openly licensed materials. More Open Access resources are available on our Guide to Open Access.

Search the databases either in Canada or Internationally to find Open Educational Resources!

More about OER

You can find out more about the philosophy behind Open Education Resources - including how to get involved - by checking out some of the organizations below!

If you have course materials you want to turn into an OER, please contact Brianne Selman.


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