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formulation of theories or “laws,” which summarize our knowledge of the natural world

Astronomy Image Explorer

The IOP and AAS have launced the Astronomy Image Explorer.  This site provides quick and easy access to hundreds of thousands of images, illustrations, graphs, charts, and videos that have been published in peer-reviewed journals.


Welcome to the Physics Subject Guide!

The study of nature at its most fundamental level offers the opportunity to explore phenomena at all levels – from the world of the atom to the reaches of the universe. In our nationally recognized Physics department, you’ll study the nature of diamonds and semiconductors, the inner workings of the nucleus, and the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in diagnosing disease. You’ll imagine, deduce, and investigate the inner workings of black holes, hot space, chaos, and quantum gravity.

This guide will help point out some useful resources available to you that can assist you in doing your research.


  • Institute of Physics
    The Institute of Physics is an international learned society and professional body for the advancement and dissemination of physics, pure and applied, and promotion of physics education. Probably the best source of general information for the discipline - a very extensive site.
  • Physics 2000
    An interactive guide to physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • PhysicsWeb Resources
    The primary directory to physics resources.
  • PhysLink
    A comprehensive guide to physics resources which was started by a Canadian undergraduate physics student.
  • The Net Advance of Physics
    An interesting guide to physics from MIT. A browse index provides links to key research papers on a wide range of concepts.

Physics Department @ U of W

Physics Department
Links to Faculty and Staff, resources, Courses Online, and Math Learning Centre. 

New Books in Physics at the UWinnipeg Library


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