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French Studies

This Guide provides a starting point for materials on French Studies.

Accented Characters

Accented Characters

If you search for words that contain accented characters, WorldCat will automatically search for both the accented characters (é) and the non-accented character (e).

Shortcuts for French characters on an English Keyboard:

Lower Vowels
VwlALT Code
à ALT+0224
â ALT+0226
ä ALT+0228
è ALT+0232
é ALT+0233
ê ALT+0234
ë ALT+0235
î ALT+0238
ï ALT+0239
ô ALT+0244
œ ALT+0156
ù ALT+0249
û ALT+0251
ü ALT+0252
ÿ ALT+0255
Capital Vowels
VwlALT Code
À ALT+0192
Ä ALT+0196
È ALT+0200
É ALT+0201
Ê ALT+0202
Ë ALT+0203
Î ALT+0206
Ï ALT+0207
Ô ALT+0212
Ù ALT+0217
Û ALT+0219
Ü ALT+0220
Ÿ ALT+0159
Consonants, Punctuation
SymALT Code
Ç ALT+0199 (caps)
ç ALT+0231 (lower)
« ALT+0171 (Left Angle Quote)
» ALT+0187 (Right Angle Quote)



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