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This Guide provides a starting point for materials on theatre and performance.

The UW Dramatic Works Collection

Within the Library of Congress Classification system, dramatic works are filed country of origin, along with novels and poetry. Because of this, plays are scattered throughout the P sections. Here at the University of Winnipeg, we have created a separate section for plays where they are all filed together (except for the plays of Shakespeare, which remain with other Shakespeare-related works). A search for "UW DRAMATIC WORKS COLLECTION" (using "B8" as the Location Code) will produce a list of thousands of these plays. In an advanced search, you can combine this term with specific playwrights, e.g., 


It is also possible to limit one's search to a particular play publisher, e.g.:



General Guide to Shelf Locations:

ML - Musicals
PA - Greek and Roman plays
PG - Slavic, Baltic, and Albanian plays
PJ – Plays from the Middle East, Central Asia
PK - Indo-Iranian Plays
PL – Plays from Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
PN - General literature (film scripts)
PQ - French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese plays
PR - English plays (excepting Shakespeare's, which are in main English literature collection)
PS 600+ American plays
PS 8000+ Canadian plays
PT - Germanic plays

Using Books for Research

The UW Library collection includes monographs (book on a single topic by one or many authors) as well as edited collections and anthologies (books in which each chapter is by different authors writing on a common theme) and grey literature. All can be useful for completing research assignments. (For more information on these types of library materials, see our YouTube video, Library Research Using Books). 

For a good explanation of how the Library of Congress Classification scheme works, check out the Library's YouTube video, Understanding the Library of Congress Classification System.


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