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formulation of theories or “laws,” which summarize our knowledge of the natural world

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The reference collection is a great place to begin your research. These short relevant articles will give the basic understanding you need to formulate a good research question.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Shelf Browsing

Physics branches out over many different subject areas.  If you want to browse either the reference (main floor) or regular (upstairs) collections to find material, I would suggest that you look in the following sections:

QB 1-991 - Astronomy

QC 1-75 - General Physics

QC 81-114 - Weights and measures

QC 120-168.85 - Mechanics

QC 170-197 - Atomic physics

QC 221-246 - Acoustics

QC 251-338.5 - Heat

QC 350-467 - Optics. Light

QC 474-496.9 - Radiation

QC 501-766 - Electricity and magnetism

QC 770-798 - Nuclear and particle physics

QC 801-999 - Geophysics

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