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formulation of theories or “laws,” which summarize our knowledge of the natural world

Scientific Citation

Citation Styles

Which citation style guide you use will depend on the following:

  1. Instructor - check your assignment guidelines or ask your instructor if he/she has a preference/recommendation
  2. Field of Study - certain citation styles are used for certain disciplines.
  3. Writing for Publication - check the guidelines in the publication (journal) to whom you would like to submit your article.

Tip: If You Quote It, Note It

Remember to always properly document the sources you have used to write your essay; failure to do so can result in academic penalties.  For further information see Section 8 - Regulations and Policies in the Course Calendar.


RefWorks allows you to collect, store, organize, and share references. Using it, you can automatically import your references and format them with the click of a button in a variety of styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

Using RefWorks effectively takes practice!

When you are searching a database, you can usually move your references into a folder or check them off and then automatically export them into your RefWorks account. The trick? Each database is different in the exporting process, so you have to know how it works before you start searching.

Explore a variety of databases, especially those that you'll use on a regular basis and check out the process used to export to RefWorks.


Databases Terms of Use