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This guide will help students doing English literature research.

From the Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms

Research and writing in English involves a grounding in concepts of literary and cultural theories; our online encyclopedias are a great place to start!

Library of Congress Classification - PN - PT [Literature, English, American and Canadian Literature]

The range of call numbers for Literature.  Books are shelved according to these numbers.

PN1-6790                               Literature (General)

PN1-9                                     Periodicals

PN20-30                                 Societies

PN45-57                                 Theory.  Philosophy.  Esthetics

PN59-72                                 Study and teaching

PN80-99                                 Criticism

PN101-245                             Authorship

PN441-1009.5                        Literary history

PN1010-1525                         Poetry

PN1530                                  The monologue

PN1551                                  The dialogue

PN1560-1590                         The performing arts.  Show business

PN1600-3307                         Drama

PN1990-1992.92                    Broadcasting

PN1991-1991.9                      Radio broadcasts

PN1992-1992.92                    Television broadcasts

PN1992.93-19 92.95              Nonbroadcast video recordings

PN1993-1999                         Motion pictures

PN1997-1997.85                    Plays, scenarios, etc.

PN2000-3307                         Dramatic representation.  The theater

PN3311-3503                         Prose.  Prose fiction

PN4001-4355                         Oratory.  Elocution, etc.

PN4390                                  Diaries

PN4400                                  Letters (Literary history)

PN4500                                  Essays (Literary history)

PN4699-5650                         Journalism.  The periodical press, etc.

PN6010-6790                         Collections of general literature

PN6080-6095                         Quotations

PN6099-6110                         Poetry

PN6110.5-6120                      Drama

PN6120.15-6120.95               Fiction

PN6121-6129                         Orations

PN6130-6140                         Letters

PN6141-6145                         Essays

PN6146.5-6231                      Wit and humor

PR1-9680                               English literature

PS1-3576                               American literature

PS 8001-8599                       Canadian literature

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