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Scholarly Communication and Open Access: Journals

All things open related to Scholarly Communication and Open Access content.

Journal Submission Tool

Journal/Author Name Estimator or JANE is a tool for helping you identify journal titles that may be interested in your work. The tool can also be used for identifying peer-reviewers.

JANE: "Have you recently written a paper, but you're not sure to which journal you should submit it? Or maybe you want to find relevant articles to cite in your paper? Or are you an editor, and do you need to find reviewers for a particular paper? Jane can help!

Just enter the title and/or abstract of the paper in the box, and click on 'Find journals', 'Find authors' or 'Find Articles'. Jane will then compare your document to millions of documents in Medline to find the best matching journals, authors or articles."

Tools Cited Reference searches in  Web of Science should also be considered when selecting a journal for publication or identifying peer reviewers or other potential co-authors.

OA Journal Directory

Journal Special Topic Issues about OA

Think. Check. Submit. is the home of a campaign that helps researchers identify trusted journals for their research. It is a simple checklist that researchers can use to assess the credentials of a journal or publisher. Watch the below video, or visit the website, for more information.   

Predatory (or Vanity Press) Journals

Although the vast majority of OA journals are legitimate, there are many lower quality titles that do not adhere to the standards of academic publishing and should be avoided. 

If you have questions about a specific journal contact the Scholarly Communications Office and we can help you evaluate the legitimacy of a specific title or publisher.

How to Assess a Journal

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