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Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

The University of Winnipeg Library has many dictionaries and encyclopedias that can help you find information about your topic.  Some of the most useful ones for Biology students are:

Field & Laboratory Guides


The Prokaryotes: 


and Betaproteobacteria

The Prokaryotes: 


The Prokaryotes: 

Applied Bacteriology

and Biotechnology

The Prokaryotes: 


and Epsilonproteobacteria

The Prokaryotes: 

Firmicutes and Tenericutes

The Prokaryotes:


The Prokaryotes:

Human Microbiology

The Prokaryotes:

Other Major Lineages of

Bacteria and the Archaea

The Prokaryotes:

Prokaryotic Communities

and Ecophysiology

The Prokaryotes:

Prokaryotic Physiology

and Biochemistry

The Prokaryotes:

Prokaryotic Biology

and Symbiotic Associations

cover art
cover art

Search the Reference Collection

The reference collection is a great place to begin your research. These short relevant articles will give the basic understanding you need to formulate a good research question.

Shelf Browsing

Biology branches out over many different subject areas.  If you want to browse either the reference (main floor) or regular (upstairs) collections to find material, I would suggest that you look in the following sections:

QH 1-278.5 - Natural History

QH 301-705.5 - Biology (General)

QK 1-989 - Botany

QL 1-991 - Zoology

QM 1-511 - Human Anatomy

QP 1-345 - Physiology

QR 1-502 - Microbiology

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