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New and Noteworthy Titles

Fresh banana leaves : healing indigenous landscapes through indigenous science
Coffee is not forever : a global history of the coffee leaf rust
Evolution gone wrong : the curious reasons why our bodies work (or don't)
The ecological buffalo : on the trail of the keystone species
Heritable human genome editing
Herring and people of the North Pacific : sustaining a keystone species
How the mind changed : a human history of our evolving brain
Insects : a very short introduction
Luschiim's plants : traditional indigenous foods, materials and medicines
Medicines to help us : traditional MeĢtis plant use : study prints & resource guide
Microbe hunters : the story of microscopic discoveries that changed the world
On life : cells, genes, and the evolution of complexity
Science denial : why it happens and what to do about it
The animal connection : a new perspective on what makes us human
The hidden kingdom of fungi : exploring the microscopic world in our forests, homes, and bodies
The lives of fungi : a natural history of our planet's decomposers
The multifarious Mr. Banks : from Botany Bay to Kew, the natural historian who shaped the world
The secret language of cells : what biological conversations tell us about the brain-body connection, the future of medicine, and life itself
Tree sense : ways of thinking about trees

Shelf Browsing

Biology branches out over many different subject areas.  If you want to browse either the reference (main floor) or regular (upstairs) collections to find material, I would suggest that you look in the following sections:

QH 1-278.5 - Natural History

QH 301-705.5 - Biology (General)

QK 1-989 - Botany

QL 1-991 - Zoology

QM 1-511 - Human Anatomy

QP 1-345 - Physiology

QR 1-502 - Microbiology

Search the Entire Collection

While the items you'll find in the Reference Collection can be a terrific place to start your research, more detailed information can be found in the Library's print and eBook collections.  The search box found here is the same as the one on the Library's main page - it can search for books and other material here at the UWinnipeg Library, at libraries in Winnipeg, at libraries across Canada, or even libraries around the world.


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Examples : environment* polic*, wom?n

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Course Reserves

The University of Winnipeg has instituted a new Course Reserves system, Ares, in order to streamline the reserves process and ensure that all course readings are distributed in accordance with the Copyright Act and the University's Copyright Policy. Using the New system, instructors can submit requests for a variety of resources - both physical and digital - and Reserves staff will ensure copyright compliance before making the items available to students.

Requesting an Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan Requests can be submitted one of two ways:

  • by filling out a request form on our website.
  • using the Find Text link in one of our databases.

For example, if, when searching in an Ebsco database, you discover a resource that is unavailable here at the UofW, you can click Request an Interlibrary Loan. It will take few seconds to search for the item at other institutions. You may view a list of institutions where this item is available, or simply proceed. Upon entering your barcode, your request is placed.

Interlibrary loan materials may take a week or longer to arrive, so please have patience. If you item has not arrived within ten days, contact the Interlibrary Loan department at 786-9814.


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