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Llibrary of Congress Subject Headings

These formal, official Subject Headings can be used in the UW Library catalogue to search for books and (to a lesser extent) articles. Remember to first type su: (for "Subject") into the search bar, and then enter terms structured according to the following format:  

  • [Name of country] -- History
  • [Name of country] - Historiography
  • [Time period, i.e., Middle Ages] -- History
  • [Time period, i.e., Middle Ages] - Historiography
  • [Event, i.e., September 11 attacks] -- History
  • [Event, i.e., September 11 attacks] -- Historiography

Suggested Library of Congress Call Numbers

Because History can be studied from many perspectives, not all the books you may need will be located in one place. For a good explanation of how the Classification scheme works, check out the Library's YouTube video, Understanding the Library of Congress Classification System. Useful Library of Congress Call Numbers allow users to discover books according to time periods, major events and geography, and include:

D111-203 Medieval history
D204-893 Modern History

D1-2027                                 History (General)
D(204)-(475)                                Modern history, 1453-
D219-234                                           1453-1648
D242-283.5                                        1601-1715.  17th century
D284-297                                           1715-1789.  18th century
D299-(475)                                         1789-
D301-309                                                 Period of the French Revolution
D351-400                                                 19th century.  1801-1914/1920
D410-(475)                                               20th century
D501-680                                                 World War I (1914-1918)
D720-728                                                 Period between World Wars (1919-1939)
D731-838                                                 World War II (1939-1945)
D839-860                                              Post-war history (1945- 

DA: Great Britain

DA20-690 England
DA700-745 Wales
DA750-890 Scotland
DA900-995 Ireland

DAW: Central Europe

DB: History of Austria, Austro-Hungarian Empire

DC: France, Andorra, Monaco

DD: Germany

DE: Greco-Roman World

DF: Greece

DG: Italy - Malta

DH: Low countries, Benelux Countries (Belgium, Luxembourg)

DJ: Netherlands (Holland)

DJK: Eastern Europe (General)

DK: Russia, Soviet Union, Former Soviet Republics, Poland

DL: Northern Europe, Scandivavia

DL101-291 Denmark
DL301-398 Iceland
DL401-596 Norway
DL607-991 Sweden
DL 1002-1180 Finland

DP: Spain, Portugal

DQ: Switzerland

DR: Balkan Peninsula

DR51-98 Bulgaria
DR 201-296 Romania
DR401-741 Turkey
DR901-998 Albania
DR1202-2285 Yugoslavia

DS: Asia

DS701-799.9 China
DS801-897 Japan


DT43-154 Egypt
DT181-346 Maghrib, Barbary States
DT365-469 Eastern Africa
DT470-671 West Africa
DT1701-2405 South Africa

DU: Oceania (South Seas - Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia)

DX: Gypsies

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