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Modern Languages and Literatures

A Guide for languages and literature studies.

Subject Guide

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Michael Hohner

Call Numbers

The UWinnipeg Library uses Library of Congress call numbers to organize its books.

Explore Call Numbers


Look for books at our locations: Reference (UW) or Main Stacks (UW).

Location Codes Explained (e.g. WCBC, CMU)

Library Catalogue

You can search for books using our online Library Catalogue.

Subject Headings

The subject search works great for searching for books about a certain author or work.

For example, try searching "Hemingway, Ernest" or any other author you're researching. You'll find a list of subject headings for your author. "Criticism and Interpretation" is often a very useful sub-heading. Individual works, like "A Farewell to Arms", are also listed here.


You can also search for key terms found anywhere in the description of the book.This is useful for combining more than one important concept (e.g. "hemingway and heroes"). Remember, the catalogue will return any books with those words in the description, so being too general or too specific will return irrelevant results. If your search doesn't work at first, try a different combination of terms, or simplify to just one or two of the most significant ones.


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