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Colonization, Decolonization and Postcolonialism: An Interdisciplinary Guide

Supports research in Indigenous Studies, History, Political Science, Women's and Gender Studies and Literary Studies.

Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

Most of your assignments at the UW will require that you include at least some scholarly, peer reviewed articles. Peer review means the articles were read. commented on and corrected by experts before they were published.

The field of postcolonial studies relates to other areas, including history, Indigenous Studies and political science. In addition to searching for articles in databases specifically related to these disciplines, you may wish to try general-interest, interdisciplinary databases as well, like Academic Search Complete, JSTOR and the ProQuest Platform

For more on understanding and using peer-reviewed articles, see the Library's YouTube Channel for a three-part series, Understanding the Scholarly Article:

If you need extra research assistance, you may email the librarians responsible for History (Michael Dudley,, Indigenous Studies (Danielle Bitz, and Political Science (Sam Popowich, 

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