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Course Reserves - Instructor Manual

A basic how-to guide for Ares, our new Course Reserves system

Placing a New Item on Reserve

Once inside the correct course, click on "Add Reserve Items" located on the left hand side menu:

On this screen you can add a new item to the course OR you can resubmit an item from a previous course by importing it into the current course. For more information on importing an item from a previous course go to the "Importing a Reserve Item  from a Previous Course" section of this Guide.

To put a new item on reserve begin by selecting the item type from the provided list. Each item type corresponds to a specific web form that requires you to enter in basic information regarding the specific material. 

Along with basic citation information that will be used to assist reserves staff in locating the item, you will be asked additional questions relevant to the material type. For example, for physical books you will be asked to identify if you are going to provide the copy yourself and what loan period you would like for the item. 

You may also be asked to answer a question about the basis for which the item is being posted. This pertains to the copyright status of the work. If you are uncertain how to answer this question, select “I don’t know” and the Reserves staff will be prompted to review the request and ensure that posting the item is compliant with the University’s Copyright Policy.

If the item type you would like to put on reserve is not represented in the listed options, please use the form associated with the item type that most closely resembles the one you wish to share. If you require assistance contact Reserves staff at

What do These Terms Mean?

Where do I find an "OCLC Number"?


Where do I find the ISSN?



Where fo I find a "DOI"? To find the Digital Object Identifier, follow the link from our catalogue to the database indicated.  

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