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Course Reserves - Instructor Manual

A basic how-to guide for Ares, our new Course Reserves system

Organizing Items through Tagging

Reserve items for any given course are displayed alphabetically. Tagging provides you with another method of displaying or grouping items together in a way that may be more useful to students.

There are two ways to add tags to an item:

1) You can add relevant tags at the time you make the reserve request. This is done by adding the relevant tags, separated by commas, in the box provided in the web form:

2) You may also add tags after you have submitted the request by clicking on "Show Details" for the specific item:

You will have the option to add "Instructor Tags" to the item, which are visible to students. You may also add "Personal Tags" that are only visible to you:

Once you have added the tags for relevant items, they will be displayed near the top of the the Course Homepage and in the "Tags" column. The more tags that items have in common, the larger that tag will appear on the Course Homepage. Students can click on these tags and retrieve only the associated items.



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