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Course Reserves - Instructor Manual

A basic how-to guide for Ares, our new Course Reserves system

Can I re-use reserve items from a previous course?

Yes -- "Import" previously-used items.

Can I place a book on reserve that isn’t owned by the library?

Yes -- you can bring in a personal copy by ticking off the appropriate box...


...or you can request it as a purchase, in which case the Reserves Specialist will pass your request on to the librarian responsible for that collection area. 

How many readings can I post for my course?

See Copyright information re: "Fair Dealing" for Faculty and Students

Why has my uploaded article been replaced by a link to a database? .

Linking to an article through the Library's catalogue not only demonstrates for the student the connection between the library and the subscriptions that make these articles available, but also carries with it no risk of contravening Fair Dealing guidelines.

How can I see which books are on reserve for my course?

Just click on "Course Home" and the titles on reserve will be listed. 

How long will it take for my requests to be posted? Will I be notified?

Generally, it takes about three days to complete requests. Once your items are activated, you will receive an email. You can also click "View Item" to track its status. 

I have a lot of material to put on Reserve. Do I have to enter all this information myself?

No -- you can set up your TA as a "Proxy user.

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