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Information Literacy Lab for Instructors

Resources to assist faculty and instructors with integrating information literacy into their courses.

Program Structures & Campus Partners

The information literacy program will be integrated into the academic programming of the University of Winnipeg on four levels:

  1. University Administration
    • The Dean of the Library will communicate relevant information regarding information literacy and library instruction to the University administration and the Senate. 
  2. First-year Transition
    • The Information Literacy Program will focus on facilitating student transition to University. This focus will involve collaborations with Academic Advising (including the Study Skills Workshops), all sections of Introduction to University, the Transition Year Program (TYP), the Academic Writing Program, the Writing/Tutoring Centre, Student Recruitment (including local High Schools), the Collegiate, and the English Language Program, among others. 
  3. Discipline-specific Instruction
    • Subject librarians will ensure the delivery of information literacy instruction in their areas, with specific reference to disciplinary resources and academic conventions. This includes introductory and mid-level courses. 
  4. Transition to advanced scholarship
    • Subject librarians will work with their departments to provide guidance and support students at or entering graduate-level studies.

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