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Information Literacy Lab for Instructors

Resources to assist faculty and instructors with integrating information literacy into their courses.

Welcome to the Information Literacy Lab

Your students should be developing their familiarity with the library and its resources as they progress through university. Often, students who are struggling to produce good academic work are simply unaware of the library's resources, or aren't equipped with effective methods for accessing the library's academic collections. Early and frequent contact with an academic librarian can have a big impact on student success. In general, students who work with their librarians:

  • will be more likely to use academic sources in their papers.
  • will exhibit greater confidence in searching for sources.
  • will think critically about the sources they use.
  • will ask intelligent questions about the nature of academic research and be more willing to participate in scholarly conversations.
  • will be less likely to plagiarize, both intentionally and unintentionally.

You can arrange to bring your students to the library, or have a librarian visit your classroom. To request a library instruction session, please complete this form:

To learn more about the library instruction program and ways you can integrate the library into your course, feel free to explore the links to the left.

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