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Information resources for students working on topics in psychology

What are Open Education Resources?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely accessible and usable resources, such as texts, assignments, videos, diagrams, learning modules, and more. As well as being cost efficient, they also are customizable, allowing for many different types of reuse and remixing. 

Open textbooks are one of the most popular types of OERs. They are peer reviewed, and written by experts in the subject areas - like standard textbooks - but unlike standard textbooks, they can be continually modified, remixed, and kept up to date. Below are a list of texts that are peer reviewed and freely available for instructors and students to use for their courses.

Feel free to contact the subject librarian if you have questions, additions, or needs outside of what is listed here.

Introductory Texts

Research Methods & Statistics

Subtopics in Psychology

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