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This guide is meant to provide you with some starting points for research in this subject area. If you are new to research and would like help with more general practices and techniques in library research, consider using one of our How-to guidesincluding the Beginner's Guide to Library Research.

New and Noteworthy Titles

Cover image for the book Research methodology in bioscience and biotechnology : research mindset, best practices, integrity, publications, societal impact
Cover image for Parasites : the inside story
Cover image for Endless forms : the secret world of wasps
Cover image for Getting in : the essential guide to finding a STEMM undergrad research experience
Cover image for Orchids of Manitoba : a field guide
Cover image for Loon lessons : uncommon encounters with the great northern diver
Cover image for Global climate change and plant stress management
Cover image for Inequality : a genetic history
Cover image for Tenacious beasts : wildlife recoveries that change how we think about animals
Cover image for The spike : an epic journey through the brain in 2.1 seconds
Cover image for The gut microbiota in health and disease
Cover image for Plant regeneration from seeds : a global warming perspective
Cover image for Different : gender through the eyes of a primatologist
Cover image for Of sound mind : how our brain constructs a meaningful sonic world
Cover image for Wetzel's limnology : lake and river ecosystems
Cover image for Song of the cell : an exploration of medicine and the new human
Cover image for the book Sounds wild and broken : sonic marvels, evolution's creativity, and the crisis of sensory extinction
Cover image for the book Transformer : the deep chemistry of life and death
Cover image for The parrot in the mirror : how evolving to be like birds made us human
Cover image for Animals' best friends : putting compassion to work for animals in captivity and in the wild
Cover image for We are all whalers : the plight of whales and our responsibility
Cover image for Freshwater fisheries in Canada : historical and contemporary perspectives on the resources and their management
Cover image for Becoming wild : how animal cultures raise families, create beauty, and achieve peace
Cover image for Re-indigenizing ecological consciousness and the interconnectedness to indigenous identities
The ecological buffalo : on the trail of the keystone species
Medicines to help us : traditional Métis plant use : study prints & resource guide

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