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Environmental Studies and Sciences

Searching the Databases

If you are looking for articles about a certain topic, you will want to search for the topic in one of our subscription Databases. You can select a broad, multi-disciplinary database or a narrow, subject-specific database (for example Environmental Studies and Sciences).

Different databses will look different, but they are all designed to help you find Journal Articles. Try searching for your topic keywords. Explore the features that allow you to limit your results by Publication Date, Language, etc.

When you find an article you're interested in, look for a Full-text link (PDF or HTML). If there is no link to the full-text, try using the Get Access button. This will search through our other databases to see if the full-text is available elsewhere. if none of our databases have the full-text, you can request an Interlibrary Loan.

Finding a Particular Article

If you have the citation of an article, you can use the library's Journal Search to see if it's available in the library. Search for the Journal Title, then choose the database with the right volume and year.

Now navigate to volume, issue, and page number of your article. Remember, you will need to know the complete citation of an article to find it via the Journal Search.

Look for a Full-text link (PDF or HTML).



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