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Shakespeare Studies

An interdisciplinary guide to researching Shakespeare's works, their history, their performance and their cultural significance.

Who Wrote the Plays and Poems of "Shake-Speare"?

Authorship research examines who wrote the plays and poems of Shakespeare; whether the Author collaborated with others, if other hands augmented the plays after the Author's death, and who the Author actually was. For at least 150 years there has been doubt, skepticism and controversy as to who wrote the plays and poems; traditionally they have been attributed to William Shakspere of Stratford-Upon-Avon, but numerous books have been written which refute this claim, and/or argue for the authorship of others, such as Edward de Vere, Francis Bacon or Christopher Marlowe. This page is intended to help students and researchers arrive at their own conclusions.

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Mark Twain's "Is Shakespeare Dead?"

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