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Danielle Bitz

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Danielle Bitz
University of Winnipeg Library
Danielle Marie Bitz is a citizen of the Métis Nation and a Canadian of mixed Métis and German-Ukrainian descent. Danielle has familial ties to both
settler and Michif/Métis communities across the Métis homeland including those in the
Red River Valley, Saint François Xavier (Grantown), Skull Creek in the Cypress Hills, Montana, and
what is now Balgonie, Saskatchewan. Danielle's Métis family tree
includes the names Swain (Swan), Breland, Dauphinais, Desmarais, and Grant.

Danielle has worked in libraries for over a decade and completed their MLIS in the spring of 2020. Danielle has a strong interest in relational knowledge, knowledge systems, and building connections between the two.

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Métis Studies
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