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Graduate Research Guide: Citation Management

Services available to University of Winnipeg Graduate Students

Citation Tools

There are many tools available to help you keep track of the articles you read, and may wish to cite in your research. These tools typically enable you to store references so you can easily access them online, at any time and any place. They enable you to reuse your references easily, as well as to export them in different citation styles. Using a citation tool during your graduate studies can help save vast amounts of time and duplicated energy!

The main tools include:

Citation Styles

Which citation style guide you use will depend on the following:

  1. Instructor - check your assignment guidelines or ask your instructor if he/she has a preference/recommendation
  2. Field of Study - certain citation styles are used for certain disciplines.
  3. Writing for Publication - check the guidelines in the publication (journal) to whom you would like to submit your article.

There are paper copies of the latest editions of all citation styles available at the Reference Desk in the Library.



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