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Research Data Management

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Research Data Management

What is Research Data Management?

Research Data Management, or RDM, is the responsible stewardship of the data created or generated as part of a research project. It involves the responsible storage, description, and protection of research data, and should be an integral early part of any research project.

Why is Research Data Management important?

  • Funders and journal publishers are increasingly making RDM a priority and a requirement including the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy
  • Reduce the risk of data loss 
  • Increase research efficiency and integrity
  • Make your research more visible
  • Enable collaboration.

What are research data?

Data can take many forms, including but not limited to: photographs, audio or video recordings, survey results, computer code, designs or diagrams, etc. Research data can be any materials you created during your research activities and have chosen to retain.

How should I begin?

With a Data Management Plan! Try Portage Network's easy-to-use DMP Assistant

For more information on RDM planningcollecting and sharing visit UWinnipeg's RDM website

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