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Microdata are the individual responses or observations, before statistical analysis has been applied. Sometimes referred to as "raw" data. Microdata usually needs to be interpreted using analysis software. Microdata collected about people needs to be anonymized before they can be published for public use so specific individuals cannot be identified.


Microdata Sources

      Note: Not all data in ICPSR is open but a significant portion is available to the public. 

Research Data Centres

Researchers can apply to gain access microdata sets through the RDC. These sets touch on a wide variety of themes related to Canadian society. Use the links below to explore the possibilities for your research project.

Microdata Analysis Tools

Microdata Analysis Tools

DLI Collection

DLI (Data Liberation Initiative) Collection

The Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) is a partnership between post-secondary institutions and Statistics Canada for improving access to Canadian data resources. The DLI Collection is composed of data products produced by Statistics Canada. 

A directory of all DLI data is available here. Options for accessing DLI data, include:

  1. Request access from your Data Librarian (contact information on left). Your Data Librarian has access to the Electronic File Transfer Protocol (DLI EFT) which contains the entire DLI collection.
  2. Access PUMFs (Public Access Microdata Files) through Statistics Canada's Data
  3. Apply to gain access to microdata sets through their local Research Data CentreNote: RDC's are currently closed due to COVID-19, though researchers can access RDC data via the RTRA. "The RTRA system is an on-line remote access facility allowing users to run SAS programs, in real time, against microdata located in a central and secure location." Contact Jaime Orr at for access.

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