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Course Reserves - Instructor Manual

A basic how-to guide for Ares, our new Course Reserves system

Adding a Proxy Instructor

You may wish to grant others, a T.A. for example, the permission to make reserve request on your behalf. The new system allows you to do this via the Proxy Instructor function. 

In order to add a proxy instructor, you click on "Full Proxy Users" under the "Instructor Tools" section of the side menu:

From here you enter in the username of the person you wish to add in the search box provided and click "Add Proxy User". Once the user is added, their name will be listed among the approved proxy users.

**NOTE the search functionality is limited and you must enter the exact username of the proxy instructor you wish to add. If the person you wish to add is a student or instructor at the University, their username will be the same as their WebAdvisor username. If you are having trouble finding the correct user, or would like to add a proxy user that is not currently an instructor or student at the University, please contact Course Reserves at for help. 



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