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Course Reserves - Instructor Manual

A basic how-to guide for Ares, our new Course Reserves system

Accessing the Student View

When you log on, the system recognizes that you are an instructor and will automatically display the instructor view. Having said this, you have the option to change this view to reflect the student experience of the course page. In order to access the student view click on "Switch to Student View" located on the left hand side menu:

Viewing student mode may be useful if, for example, you want to insure that the items you have put on course reserve are available to students. Remember that items you have requested for reserve may not be immediately available to students, as they must be reviewed by Reserves staff. It is common for there to be a three day delay between when a reserve item is requested and when it is available to students. You can check on the status of a reserve item request on the course homepage. For more information, please refer to the "Checking the Status of a Reserve Request" section of this guide.


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